Candy Apples

At Denae’s Ice Cream & Sweet Shop, there’s more to candy apples than a plain cherry coating. We’ve also got cherry with coconut flakes and several gourmet candy apple toppings. Choose from caramel with vanilla or chocolate icing, M&M’s, Reese’s Pieces with fudge, and many other special recipes. Try our Minnie Mouse candy apples with chocolate ears, covered in melted chocolate, pink sugar, and a satin bow tied around the stick! We even have pairs of tux and wedding dress candy apples. Check out our full list of products below.

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Pumpkin pie ice cream is back better than ever.!!! ...

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We are approaching our 13th Anniversary at Denae's. We would like to raffle off a gift certificate. Respond in the comments below if you no longer live close to Denae's. If so , where did you move and why? Winner will be announce Friday August 11th. Good Luck!! ...

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