Stopped in today. Saw the great reviews on here and decided to give this place a try. Fantastic chocolates and very friendly staff. Can’t wait until it’s warmer to try their homemade ice cream. Strawberries that are chocolate dipped are huge! Hubby is a big chocolate fan and loves the assortment I picked. The “haystacks” are awesome, peanut butter and jelly chocolates are fabulous and the peanut butter cups are phenomenal. A must must try!!!!

Das M.

In an age where conglomerates have extended their reach into the world of ice cream (Friendly’s, Cold Stone, Ben & Jerry’s), it’s refreshing to know that you can still find small, locally owned places like Denae’s Ice Cream and Sweet Shop. Staffed by Denae herself and a crew of sweet girls who know know only know their customers by name, but often take the time to chat about the details of their lives.

Like the sweet shop in Willy Wonka, Denae’s is filled with candy (lollipops and candy apples), chocolate (fudge, chocolate-covered marshmallows), two cases of ice cream (22 flavors), soft serve flavors (4-6), and a case of ice cream cakes and novelties like ice cream sandwiches. The ice cream itself is creamy and made with wholesome ingredients. They also have sugar free selections (10 flavors), sorbet and bevvy of toppings, from traditional sprinkles to hot fudge and crushed candy bars.

Denae’s also carries Moosetracks, my favorite ice cream aside from mint chocolate chip, which is really really hard to find! Denali fudge rippled into vanilla ice cream and dotted with mini peanut butter cups. Medium is a decent amount of ice cream and the prices, while about the same as the larger shops, are fair and worth paying to support a great small business.

Leighann F.

OK, I stand corrected. My husband has been on a health kick for the past year or so and doing so well. So, as usual, we go for ice cream at Denae’s pretty regularly. My husband wanting his usual, soft serve vanilla with peanut butter topping, decides to ask to try the vanilla soft serve yogurt. AND HE’S HOOKED. The yogurt has really so much better then when I tried it years ago. Fat free and delicious!

I like to support the Mom & Pop shops whenever I can. Denae’s is the most friendliest little place I have had the pleasure to give my business and support.

Peggy F.

Excellent selection of sweets- candied/caramel apples, chocolate covered strawberries and pretzels, various cookies, etc. Good selection of hard ice cream with plenty of topping choices. You can even make sundaes, shakes, and flurry concoctions. Great looking ice cream cakes in various sizes to pick up without needing to pre-order. And even a few flavors of soft serve, Italian ices, and sherbets.

The biggest standout for me was their selection of sugar free and no sugar added ice cream. As a diabetic, I am severely limited in choices when I’m craving a nice sweet-tasting treat. Most places only have one or two choices of sugar free ice cream. Here, there are at least 6 flavors of hard ice cream that are no sugar added, and chocolate,vanilla, or twist flavors of sugar free (they use sorbitol) soft serve.

Mark C.

BEST SPOT IN TOMS RIVER/Brick/Lakewood for ice cream or desserts.. Home Made Top Quality, plus super friendly staff.. just walkin in the “sweet shop” will put a smile on any1’s face .. kinda like sneaking into Willy Wonka’s secret room…

tons of options, Once u Try it , u’ll never go back to the other ice cream parlors!


ps healthy options available too!! Yummy in my Tummy

Rick M.

Hands down, the best icecream parlor on the Jersey Shore! Denae and her staff are friendly and helpful. The ice cream is FANTASTIC! From the moment you walk in, you are surrounded by decadent treats and creative desserts, but the vanilla ice cream is to die for! My daughter is hooked on their frozen yogurt. The retro candy is always fun too!

Judy C.

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